BAQ Gadget refresh on no records

Hey Guys,

I already submitted this with support so we’ll see what they say, but I was curious about what those with some more real world experience have seen. I have been creating some BAQ gadgets as a way for people to be notified of something. The most recent one looks at labor entries and shows any tied to the user that is submitted but not approved, and not from today. Just an easy reminder that if there is something on the list, it’s something you should go fix. It works great for various warnings that need to show up, overdue stuff, missing operations, whatever. The actual application is irrelevant to my question.

So you can set up the Gadget to refresh at certain intervals. It also refreshed if you go to the setting and hit save. The issue that I am seeing is that when the results go from a single line to no results (like when the user has made the changes so there are no more errors) it will not clear out that last record without completely logging off and logging back in. It’s not the end of the world, but it can be annoying for people with OCD like me that want all of the warning messages gone (I’m horrible with having to clear out new message warnings on my phone).

Has anyone else seen this behavior and has anyone found a fix for this?

Also, if you do use BAQ gadgets, what type of things do you show with them? We are trying to find ways to show information at a glance and are always looking for new ideas to make things easier to see.

I have ones for customers on credit hold with orders coming due, one for open inspections and DMR’s for the QA guy, I have one to add up my weekly time to know exactly what time I can leave on Friday :slight_smile: Any other good ideas?