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I am wanting my baq to sow any duplicates within the results. As an example, we have an operation that has two resources. We need to isolate all those operations so we can remove one of those resources. As you can see, the only difference is in the OpDtlDesc.

Company PartNum RevNum OprSeq OpCode Plant GrpID OprSEq OpDtlDesc OpDtlSeq
CO 301C A1 40 Operation1 MfgSys WC 40 Back 10
CO 301C A1 40 Operation1 MfgSys WC 40 Fun 10

count([prettymuchanyfield]) over (partition by Table.Field, Table.field etc)

Use that as a calculated field, and the partition by fields are the things that you want to group by (the things that define a “Duplicate”) then anything that’s greater than 1 is a duplicate.


Things didn’t look right, so I did some digging. Question, ECOOpDtl.GroupID, can a group id in this table be removed? This one field is causing duplication.

The ECO tables will store old data. You don’t want to use those tables if you are looking for what’s currently in place.

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What tables would be best to use to pull Operation data besides ECO?

PartOpDtl has the current operation stuff. You’ll just have to filter by the current revision.

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