BAQ indented BOM of latest revision only with phantom BOM

I did create one in the past, and it worked on a “small” database (the training db) but when you put it into a real world database, it would timeout.
The biggest problem is:
“How do you determine the ‘current revision’”… it is not as easy as you might think.

  1. it is DATE based (effective date)
  2. it is based on the current SITE, and whether there is an alternate method.
  3. the “Approved” flag must also be examined.
    There can only be one approved/effective revision that will be used in your query, but if you have 10 approved revisions, each with a BOM, “Which one is effective”… does it have a future effectivity date? then it is not the current one… etc etc.
    This seemed to be the significant stumbling block in the query… but I got it working…
    if there is only ONE APPROVED revision for each part, then this stumbling block goes away.
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