BAQ List Parameter

I’m trying to get my BAQ to filter on a parameter list, but it does not seem to want to behave.
Am I missing something?
Also, is there a good way to be able to paste-insert a list into this once it’s in a dashboard?

Nevermind, I got it.
Apparently, it did not like the “Mandatory” box being selected.

what about your paste-insert question?

You can’t paste insert, and I don’t even think you can copy paste that box at all. It’s been an annoyance of mine for a long time.


Really glad I read this before trying it.

I would like to add that I found you can set it as mandatory and save it and it works fine in a REST call. (Whew.) Just makes testing it a pain.

I put in a ticket today about the BAQ designer, though.

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To be fixed on PRB0223182.

The “mandatory” bug is now fixed… in 10.2.700, apparently.

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