BAQ not working in Dashboards or Reports

Did you ever solve this?  Having a seemingly similar issue in Epicor 9.05.700C.


So we recently updated from .701 to 702A SQL. Afterwards we had a couple of weird issues with reports and the report designer. Currently we have 1 BAQ that runs fine inside of the BAQ Report Designer, go to Analyze and run the Test pulls back all the records fine. If we go to run the report we get a message of "No Records Selected" and if I add that BAQ to a dashboard it again pulls back nothing. I copied the BAQ over to a test query and removed a couple of calculated fields, and it ran a couple of times just fine. Imported the BAQ again and tried to narrow down which calculated field was the problem, and its back to not pulling any records again. 

Any ideas? This was working just fine before the update