BAQ Report default settings

Looking at the below image, does anyone know how to make the date fields default to blank when they are tied to an EpiToken? I need most date fields empty, but they are tied to a ReportParam Field and they so far have to have a value in them and cannot be blank. Any thoughts?

You might need to do this as a BAQ based RDD. Then you can tie the RDD criteria to BAQ Parameters.

Turns out that if you enter a non-date value in the BAQ Report Designer Options

You’ll get an error,


But after clearing that error, the form comes up with the field blanked out.


Short of finding a magic value to put in the default field, you might have to just put a default values that are guaranteed to be before the earliest “From”, and after the latest “To”

It is a BAQ based RDD. And Yes, I was getting that same error.