BAQ Report missing data

I have created a BAQ that is working fine and I want to use it to create a BAQ report (as well as a dashboard). Everything looks fine - I’ve added the Report Style, synced dataset, updating the report in SSRS to show the relevant fields but I have missing data. I have grouped the report by the Part Class field but the report starts on the 3rd class that shows in the BAQ (if sorted alphabetically). I’ve worked through the instructions and can’t see that I’ve missed any steps and haven’t got any filters on the BAQ report. Any suggestions? Thank you.

The missing data shows in the BAQ when you use the Analyze?

Try making an ungrouped version of the BAQ Report RDL, just to make sure it’s coming through the settings of the BAQ Report Designer. Use the preview in the RDL builder.

If a plain “listing” of BAQ Report is missing the data you expect, make sure you don’t have a default GUID setup in the RDL. And double check that the BAQ Report Designer (the one in E10) doesn’t have any fixed filters

Thank you. It does seem to be related to the grouping as without that the data shows.