BAQ Report Option Field Character Limits

I’m working on editing one of our current BAQ Reports, and having an issue with setting up the Option Fields. From the screenshot, the issue is with the EmployeeNum field. When I run the report it seems that that field is limited to 5 characters. I need it to accept a 6 character input now, but I don’t see a way to format what can be input. Is this 5 character limit a hard limit, or is there something I can edit to extend it?

What does the calculated field look like in the BAQ for EmployeeNum?

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Here’s a screenshot of all the fields. I have tried changing the format here before, but it didn’t seem to affect the report.

@bordway wants to see the definition of your calculated field. Click your calculator button and show the definitoin of EmployeeNum.

Ah my mistake, It’s just the UD field, I think it’s only a calculated field so it doesn’t say ‘Number01’ to the user when they run the report.

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I figured out a way to make this work. I don’t know if it was both of the things I did or just one, but here’s what I did. I synced the report data set in Report Style, then I deleted the Option Field in BAQ Report Designer and remade it. After that it took on the format I had set in the BAQ display fields.