BAQ Report Usage


I am in the process of changing my Crystal Reports to SSRS. Is there a way using BAQ that I can see which reports are being used the most?

Thank you

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Use the Ice.Systask table, where tasktype=‘report’

Do a count of each Task Description over a given period of time.


Thank you. That was helpful.

Is there a way to find out what report style they’re using as well?

Bring in the Ice.SysTaskParam table where ParamName=‘ReportStyleNum’. That will give you the report style number in the ParamInteger field. You can then link to Ice.ReportStyle if you need the description or additional details.


@mlp Welcome to the Forum.

I have upgraded a number of Crystal Reports to SSRS. The two programs are completely different and you are likely to be frustrated by the SSRS Headers and Footers (compared to Crystal).

However, I have been able to do almost everything I did in Crystal - over in SSRS (with some exceptions).

Also, there are many in this forum that have done the same thing, so please do not be shy about asking for suggestions - sometimes all we need is a little help deciding “Left” or “Right”

DaveO :slight_smile:


Thank you, Dave!

@jenhil34 Thank you for your help. I am trying to link Ice.ReportStyle to Ice.SysTaskParam using SysRevID but when I run the query everything that previously came up no longer does. I just get a blank return.

You can’t join to the two tables on sysrevid. You’ll have to join on the paramcharacter=reportid and paraminteger = stylenum. The trouble is that on the param table, these row tables come on two separate rows. You’ll likely have to pull each param value (reportid and stylenum) into their own subqueries, join those to the systask table on systasknum, then join the report style table to both subqueries.

Thank you for all your help so far.

I am having difficulty putting your advice into action. Would you be so kind as to offer step by step instructions? If not, I totally understand, it’s a lot of work.