BAQ Report won't show records that appear in the BAQ

Sudden strangeness …

A key BAQ report we use to send customers their individual prices has failed. Running the BAQ itself returns close to 3000 rows, as it should. Attempting to print the BAQ Report based on the same BAQ shows the dreaded “No Records Selected”.

There are no filters or options on the report at all. I made some changes to the BAQ itself today, but the fields in the output are exactly the same.

Are there any parameters on the BAQ? I’ve had issues before where having parameters on the underlying BAQ caused a BAQ report to return no records.


Since you’re getting “No Records Selected”, it’s nothing in the report itself.

Any recent changes to field or process permissions? Just a guess, but running the BAQ (in BAQ Designer) uses your credentials, while running the report may us the credentials of the user set up for that task agent.

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Panic over, and thanks for the suggestions.

There’s a BPM that clears the system flag we use in place of a parameter, and it was kicking in too soon because the report was still pending. So by the time it ran, there was nothing flagged. Sorry to waste anyone’s time, but sometimes asking the question helps in itself!


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