[BAQ Reports] MRP Full Regen / MRP Net Regen-- What does it mean?

Hello all! I’ve created a BAQ report that prints as a 2x3 label for items in our stockroom. Right now, users can use the report to print labels to a Zebra printer on demand. I’m looking for ways to at least partially automate this process (without having to use BarTender’s clumsy Integration Builder) so that a label prints for a part as soon as it’s assigned to the Stockroom’s warehouse code. I looked at the “Schedule” combo box on the BAQ report form and saw these two options-- MRP Full Regen and MRP Net Regen. What do these do? And could they possibly help me with this problem?


Those are your current available schedules, you will want to create a new
schedule to run your report against.

Do you have IT Epicor Admin help internally? They may already know how to
do this.


Actually, after re-reading your post :sweat: you don’t want to use a schedule
at all.

You will want an auto print BPM.


Yeah I wish I could do the Auto-Print, but it returns an error saying “Auto-Printing for BAQ Reports is not supported.” Is this a 10.1.400 - specific thing that changes in newer versions of Epicor, or is it just not supported for anyone?

I think you’re right about the schedules not helping. From what little I’ve been able to find online, it doesn’t look relevant to this project.