BAQ source values not showing on SSRS

This is a last resort. I’ve got a BAQ that I’m using as my data source for an SSRS report. My BAQ is uses the ShipHead.PackID as the main criteria for my report and, for the sake of argument, the value is 456. I’ve created a filter so the user and enter the Packing List ID for this new report. The BAQ works absolutely as expected.

Entering my BAQ into a BAQ Report Designer and entering my SSRS name, then I download that .rdl file. I open the .rdl file in Report Builder, place the Packing List ID on the report. Save it and up load my .rdl file to testing .

I preview my report and 99.9% of the value I see from my BAQ is correct except for the Packing List ID value. It displays some value out of nowhere and isn’t anywhere on the BAQ result list. The data shows from the Packing List ID entered, but the actual Packing List ID field is wrong … 3192. The Packing List ID values don’t even go that high from the ShipHead table.

I have no idea where this value is coming from. How could it be wrong? I’m at a total loss and completely confused. This should’ve been the easiest report modification ever! Has anybody seen this type of behavior before?

If you just inserted a field outside of a tablix, it might have automatically set it to be an aggregate field (like SUM() ) . So the 3192 value you are seeing is actually the sum of the Pack ID numbers.

Does Packer 456 have 7 lines? I ask because 7 x 456 = 3192.

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That is too coincidental and it has my attention. Yes it is outside of the tablix control and yes the Tablix control contains 7 records. So … let’s go with this. This is an int field … how can I tell if it is summing these 7 values of 456? I am grouping quite a few values … but I’m not summing unless it does this by default. Does it?!

AAAAAAAHHH!!! Looking at the function of the properties of this field showed this …

  =Sum(Fields!ShipHead_PackNum.Value, "BAQReportResult")

I evidently does this by default … (smh) … man.

Thank you for the head’s up with this.

If your BAQ can contain the info for several packers, you’ll probably want to group by the PackID as well (I’d think it would be the outer most grouping).

I don’t know about the header rows of a group, but inserting a field in a group footer will usually make it an aggregate - SUM() for numeric fields, and COUNT() for non-numeric fields