BAQ to find Work Force Default User - Can't find the SaleAuthList table

I recently had an issue where a salesperson’s default search window took minutes to open in opportunity quote entry, and the EpicCare rep identified it to that work force person not having a default user set (woohoo! issue fixed!). I’d like to search across our company to make sure no one else is suffering in silence.

BAQ only shows the SaleAuth table, which does not have the default user field.

Extended Property Maintenance shows the SaleAuthList table contains the default user, and it’s bound to the SaleAuth table, but I can’t figure out how to attach this to a BAQ.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!


I believe the Default User is on the SalesRep table. If not, it may be in the UserComp table.

Jason is correct, it’s this field:


Thank you Jason and Mark! That got me there…

Was there any way someone could figure that out from within E10, or is it knowing the db structures from years of experience?

Sometimes it’s having seen it before, or having been using the Epicor product for long enough to start thinking the same as a developer might.

On this occasion I wasn’t 100%, so I found it by doing a SQL Profiler trace. I got the Workforce screen loaded up, ready to make a change to the Default User flag on a record. I setup the SQL trace to filter only the relevant database name, and paused it then cleared screen. I then started the trace, made the change in E10 and saved, then paused the trace. This gave me the minimum amount of records to review. I just scrolled down looking for recognisable SQL statements such as SELECT / UPDATE etc until I found it.

There are other things I could have done but never tried so I revert to what I know. I have seen Bart show a screenshot of a flag on the Epicor Admin Console where you can log the SQL that Epicor itself is actually calling. This may have been cleaner, and it’s something I really should try.

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Mark - Thanks! I’ve got to try that the next time I get stuck, as well as Bart’s technique.