BAQ Vendpart Missing Primary Supplier

Hello Everyone - I am trying to create a BAQ that shows the primary supplier based on the price list.
I am using the table Vendpart. Primary Supplier is NOT a field. I have searched other tables and cannot find this field from the price list.
Please see attached.BAQ missing fields Vendpart.docx (180.3 KB)

Thank you for your help!
De Anna Mirzadegan

The Vendor Num/Pur Point on the part plant table is the one that will be checked as primary.




Primary Supplier is listed under Vendor.VendorID when its linked as shown.

I am having this same issue. Pulled in the VendPart table (Referenced in the Supplier Price List) and cannot see the PrimaryVendor field in the table when I pull it into BAQ. Our Supply Chain department says that they manually select/use this field.

See KB0072865: EpicCare Login - EpicCare

Where is the PrimaryVendor stored on the database?
The Primary Vendor comes from PartPlant table , VendorNum field. The BAQ must use the value from PartPlant,VendorNum.

Okay, thank you. We will pull from Part Plant. It is confusing why there is a field in Supplier Price List that references VenPartView table but the field does not exist.