BAQ View Grids - Not Refreshing

I have created 3 BAQViews that are bound to Ultragrids in a customization, along with buttons to add/remove data from these grids.

I have already input some data that should display in each grid. When I load a record for the BAQViews to subscribe to, Grids 1 and 2 both subscribe and display the proper data, while Grid 3 does not show the existing data. Once I use the button logic to add a new row to Grid 3, the new row displays in the grid along with the existing data that should’ve been there already.

Each of these are set up identically, so my only idea is that there may be a limit to the number of BAQViews allowed in one customization? I apologize that there is not really a question here, but was wondering if anyone might have any ideas?

Might post your code

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