BAQ with Invoice Header having a Misc Charge

I am looking for suggestions on how to proceed with creating a BAQ pertaining to AP invoices.
I’m using the APInv tables of: Header, Detail, and Misc.

Assume I have an AP invoice which has three separate lines showing up in results, each line showing is appropriate partnum, qty, price, etc.

But this Invoice also has a Misc Header Charge, which is why I have the Misc table included in this BAQ. I want the BAQ to show the charge description and the amount from the Misc table, but I only want the BAQ results to show it as one line, not with all three invoice lines.

Subquery required?

Thank you for any suggestions

Most likely, the APInvMsc record(s) with a line number of zero, are for the header.

But … on AR Invoices, there are no header misc charges. A misc charge on an order is automatically assigned to line 1 of the AR Invoice. AP Invoice might work the same way.

It does not appear to be that way in AP.

The misc charge, such as a grand total sales tax, shows up on every invoice line.