Example: we have a price list set up, and the price list has quantities. I have multiple parts with the exact same quantity breaks. Can i have the BAQ input the quantity breaks? I am assuming it can be done under the CAlc filed editor, but not sure how to go about do this. Has anyone done this?

Why are you trying to update the price break quantities through a BAQ? How many records are you trying to add quantity breaks for?

We’re on 905.701, and we use the DMT tool to mass update records when we need to. You get the changes you want into an Excel file, select a few settings and run the DMT. Easiest way to change a lot of records at once. DMT is available in E10 as well, but not sure if it always comes with Epicor or is something that you have to get seperately.

As far as BAQ goes, in E9 you have to make the BAQ updatable, which takes a few steps. Calculated fields are for manipulating database fields without actually making changes to the database. I’d imagine the basic setup is similar in E10, but I’m not sure.

I’m using the BAQ to generate most o the data I need automatically. This way I don’t have to put rows in, and copy paste here and there to create it. Trying to set it up for future use as our pricing is already done. But I can’t put all the qty breaks in the same row, just different columns in a BAQ. I’m not making the BAQ updatable, that be crazy. Just using it to generate as much of the data as possible to speed things up a bit.