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An IT company who will be nameless that we use for help “helped” me last week on a simple excel issue that totally messed my entire computer…whatever she did wiped my computer of about 6months worth of critical info including Epicor ‘cheatsheets,’ instructions, etc. I’m requesting to the masses and lovely Epicor gurus if you have detailed instructions for creating and running BAQs and BPMs. I’ve been asking our consultant but he has yet to respond and he’s only here a few days a week. I know I’m missing something in the build and cannot remember since I do not do these often. Thank you in advance.

Do you have access to EpicWeb? There are a ton of user and tool guides available there that will walk you through basic BPM and BAQ creation, etc.

I went there first and unfortunately we do not have access, not sure if we ever did or it was a brief access and has since expired.

I assume you no longer have a support agreement (maintenance) in place? I would encourage renewing but know how that can go sometimes. I think the material this group could provide would be links to this documentation and not sure anyone re-invents the wheel on that. I believe you can use the google and find some of these that are available without going to EpicWeb - I believe it would be a problem for us to post and share.

understood and yes I’ve been actively asking for continued support…you know how that goes when money is involved…

Not to get your hopes up, but maybe that “help” guy created a new user, and your old stuff is under the old name. For whatever reason, I’ve got 3 “user” folders on my workstation:

Typically you get new ones when you login to the computer as opposed to logging in to the domain (aka network).

I’m not sure where that one with the tildes came from.

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Is there a particular BPM or BAQ you’re working on at the moment? More specifics could help us help you until you rebuild your repository.