BAQView ultra grid not refreshing instantaneously after part num change

I followed @josecgomez 's youtube video to add a ultra grid to Move Inventory.
Grid seems to be working fine for the most part with one issue.
On first part number, grid shows data fine but when I enter second part in, grid does not refresh data for second part. then i enter in 3rd partnum and grid shows data for 2nd part i entered.
Also when i clear the form, grid still shows data for last part number.

I re-did the customization from scratch following the video but still get the same response.

Can you guys help to find what I am doing wrong here.
Thank you.

I get the same thing with a dashboard added via the Sheet Wizard.

Hitting the refresh icon does update it… But yeah, you expect it to update on the change of PartNumber

Most like due to the fact that it’s a view:


thanks for getting back Calvin. I just tried hitting the refresh button and it did update the form.
Anything you can suggest to auto refresh/update list on PartNum change though?