Bar-coded Badges


I have been using a barcode scanner from Symbol with great success in our
shipping area. I am using the Symbol LL500 wedge with a Symbol laser "gun".
The Symbol LL500 interfaces to a PC via an "in line" keyboard interface and
can be programmed to send additional "keystrokes" as a barcode is scanned.
Of course, you will need to be in the correct Vantage screen to use the
barcode scanner as "keyboard" input but the programmability of the wedge
will allow you to issue <ALT-xx> keystrokes to Vantage to position the
cursor correctly for the next entry.


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We want to implement employee badges with bar codes for punching in and out
in the morning and afternoon, as well as punching in and out of jobs. What
have the experiences been regarding wands, readers, problems, etc. Any
input would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Mollura
Vice President
Vinyl Technology, Inc.
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