Bar Codes and MES (V8)


[Vantage 8.03.304B]

I followed previous posts in this group to create a bar code for the job
traveler that will open the "Start Production Activity" window, enter
the correct information, and close the window.

The formula I am using is: "*%DP%E" + Trim({JobAsmbl.JobNum}) + "$I$I" +
CStr({JobOper.OprSeq},0) + "$I$I$M*"

If one of the buttons on the MES menu are highlighted (active) before I
scan this bar code, everything works out great! However, if the Shift
text box is active, the bar code fails and all I get is a P in the Shift
text box. Any ideas on why it is doing this?


Joe Rojas

IT Manager

TNCO, Inc.

781-447-6661 x7506


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