Bartender chokes on multiple line PO receipts

My Bartender auto receipt label have all of a sudden stopped printing more than the first 4 lines on a multi line PO. Nothing has changed in the setup, and nothing stands out in the environment. We have not patched or updated any Epicor or Bartender infrastructure or functionality that I know of.

Has anyone seen this type of behavior before?



Have you looked at the messages on the bartender side? You should see the events if they are making it to bartender. It should help you split your area to start troubleshooting.

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Log is clean. And no sooner than I posted an email came back from the warehouse that magically it had printed the rest. They claim this happens only with a specific vendor. So I have told them to notify me the next time they process a large order. I would like to see if there is any network type of congestion or something like that as they are trying to receive the parts in.