Bartender Commander Kinetic BPM

Anybody successful using bartender commander with a BPM?
For over 10 years we have just used client side customization to pass a record to bartender and all data was pulled from the tag file. I know I can recreate all the tags and use csv files create with a BPM. Was curious if anybody has it working with commander thought so we don’t have to recreate all of our tags. Below is the BPM code and it will launch bartender as a background service on the server but does not print or give any error. I just pass the parameter tag number now and it works perfectly on clients.

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(“C:\BT\bartend.exe” ,"/F:\Common\E10Tag.btw /PRN=office /P/X/?TagNumber=1020242");

Change your mental model on this. The BPM can just output the .bt file with the body of what you want done. Then you have commander running as a service monitoring the folder it outputs to.

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Ok I see what you are saying. Now I think I just need to get the syntax correct this way instead of the process.start.

This is one area that has run without any issues since we got Epicor and Bartender 10 years ago. We have been through many Epicor and Bartender upgrades and are currently on Kinetic 2021.1.11. with a Data Directive to generate the .bt file and commander monitoring the folder where it generates. Bartender takes care of the printing.

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It is working now after putting /DD after the parameter instead of before. I can keep the tag files and just create process the commander script from the file without putting any data in the file except the query parameter.

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