Bartender Help Needed

Hi folks – I’m swimming in waters that are way out of my league. I need to create a label for a customer that has very specific requirements – it has to be AIAG B-10 format and has to be 4x6. They included an example but the size of the label is wrong. I have tried to open it and resize it but I’m failing miserably …any suggestions from any Bartender experts would be extremely appreciated!

They sent you a BTW file that is giving you fits on your end?

Where did this requirement come from. When I look at that label standard it’s minimum width requirement is 4 but the length is determined by the number of information blocks for the trading partner rather than a fixed length.

Hi there - I wish they had sent me a file - I perhaps could have made that work. What I’ve got is a pdf of an example with all of their requirements. I thought that maybe since Bartender has a template for AIAG B-10 that I could work with that – the issue is that the template in bartender is larger than the max allowed by the customer.

I feel like a real dimwit but labels are not my jam…

So their max is 4x6. If that’s the case you can use the built in template but you’ll have to shrink everything down and then use the page setup button to reduce the size of the label.

Ok…I took a deep breath and regrouped and I think I have it moving forward now.

Sometimes that’s all that one needs.


Very true! Once I finally got most of it together I was temporarily stumped by why I was getting – and spaces in my data… found the character template setting and fixed that. I think I should be done for the day and tackle something a bit easier…

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