Bartender label print wrong date from csv file

Hi is anyone have Bartender experience here to advice my issue.

i has create csv text file storing data info fro Epicor and trying to print the label on it, but the problem i the label would not able to print the date correctly which follow the csv file, for the rest of the fields info able to get the latest.

Just I facing now was the date fields not able to pickup correctly.

I don’t think there are standards for how dates appear in CSV files. So best to have the output created as text, and treat it as such on the label.

If your label needs to receive it as a date (say another field on the label does math on it), then you’ll need to know what date format the report is expecting, and have the output from the BAQ make it such.

Hi Calvin thanks for your inputs, I think maybe i can make more clear of my issue.
currently I do have a text file n csv format which prepare to be load by Bartender for my barcode label purpose as such example format.


and the label printed the date always follow the sample data folder csv file date value created previously as 2-8-2020, and it does not abe to follow the latest csv date info, and for the other field info able to print successfully.

Another consideration is setup your datasource as UTF8. We have seen some weird stuff go down with bartender when it wasn’t UTF8 right @rbucek!

May make a difference may not who knows, but either way seems a good recommendation ha ha ha

Can you post the actual lines from a CSV file that does print properly, and from one that does not?

And in the past, the data

Would print the date as
27-8-2020 ?

(note the month in your data has a zero, while the output on the label does not)

Hi Calvin,
Sorry just for example format only and this does happen currently which is really funny which waste my time to solve it few days.

I feel it doesn’t matter whereby my label type as text format, and suppose it should happen like other text fields, the problem its not, and I did try to use the system Date field (Bartender design) which appear correctly as latest date.

I have no idea why the text format date does not able to follow the csv text to display accordingly.
Or maybe Bartender recognize its invalid date format and try to ignore it from csv file.

Is it possible that the text is too big for the field in the report layout?

Hi Calvin, for the text size only 1kb… :sweat_smile:
because I has design a UD form to allow production operation report the Job Issue and auto print the label during save.
So there’s one line single line row/record appear in the csv file, I has the action at Bartender will auto rename and move to other folder after successfully print out the label.

I meant the area on the label that the text would print. Just guessing at things like the rendered text being too wide for the field on the report.

What happens if you take the csv file from a label that didn’t print right, edit the date to test (or maybe a date that did print right), and put it back in the folder that bartender monitors?

And since the date field is the last on the line, any chance the 4th field (L00928-398 in your example) has a bad character like a comma or quotation mark?

Looking at your original example, the data line doesn’t have the correct number of fields.

I’ll assume the . in 0.10 was really meant to be a ,, and that was just a type when making the post.

WasL00928-398 really supposed to be?
Or possibly?

Hi Calvin, thanks for your kind assist and advise.
I has use comma , sign to split out the field and this been justified during Bartender convert text to dateset loading test.

the Lot been display as L00928-398 which was our original format and it did print correctly in our label.
your idea may good to me for test but unfortunately now its evening and I only able to test this in our morning time.

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