Bartender - Print to different printers using the same label?


I am researching to see if I can use the same label in Bartender to print to different printers.

Background info:

  • I created a button to print rows from a dashboard. Works great. It creates the .bp file with the info in it in the correct directory.

Can I put something in the header of the file that will select the different printers?

If that works, I can set up a drop-down list that will modify what I put in the header.

Would I need to modify the Bartender label to enable this?

Any help is appreciated.



do you currently know what information is being sent to bartender? Are you using the Commander software on your server? I am currently doing this, same label is printed to different printers depending on which computer is submitting the info.

Did you set Epicor to create the .bp file in the monitored folder?

I can change the .bp file any way I need. What did you do?

Essentially yes, but the way it was set up for us was using text files. Whenever they create the label, it exports the text file with the information needed to a folder that Commander is scanning, then creates the label. Within the text file there is a call out to which printer you are using. You can change that information.

However, I am curious to the legitimacy of how our bartender epicor integration was setup. I think it is kinda janky that it is using text files.

IF you use Bartneder Commander you can generate a file with the Printer (and other information on it) then Bartender COmmander will process that file and Print to the submited printer.

 %BTW% /AF="" /D="%Trigger File Name%" /PRN="MyPrinterHere" /R=3 /P /C=1 /DD

That did it for me.

I just tested and it routed correctly.

Thanks everybody for the help.

It is very much appreciated.


What if we’re not sure if Bartender Commander is being used, where else would we look to change the Printer?