Bartender Receipt Label - BPM

I created a BPM so that when a purchase receipt is done, it would print a receiving label. Everything seems to be working great. However, running into an issue when AP invoiced, it looks like it went and updated the RcvHead and RcvDtl table where the “Invoiced” field from “False” to “True”. So I went and add this condition in the BPM that it will only trigger if “Invoiced” is only “False”, else if it’s “True” don’t re-trigger the BPM to print the label. Seems to be working fine for a few months, but I don’t know what AP is doing. It is causing it to reprint the labels again. Had anyone else ran into this issue before and might be able to point me somewhere? I query the RcvHead and RcvDtl, one from last night’s backup and one from current transaction for that label that printed. I only noticed the “Invoiced”, “ChangedBy”, and “ChangeDate” field changing. I would think that since the “Invoiced” is only looking at “false” for printing, it should not cause it to re-trigger the BPM regardless if the “ChangeBy” and “ChangeDate” changed in Value?

Here is what it says it is meaning:

> A\P invoice entry sets this to "Yes" when the receipt detail line is invoiced.  A value of NO either means that the system was not configured to 'Save Receipts for Invoicing" 
> when the receipt line was created or that it has not yet been invoiced via A/P.
> (See RcvHead.SaveForInvoicing, RcvHead.Invoiced)

So it looks like it is the process from payables that sets that flag. What is your conditions that you have set in order to print the labels? I may suggest when a new record in RcvDtl is created in a pre-process, print the label in the post process…