Bartender some labels not printed?

First, I have to complain about Bartenders choice of a name, because any search engine results are always cluttered up with alcohol related content, (not that I don’t mind learning about some new whiskey now and again), but it make it really hard to look for something.

But I digress,

The problem that I think I am having is that a label (or a D-size print in this specific case) doesn’t print out with the rest of the batch. It simply skips it. I can see in the file that was sent, and the logging on the integration builder that the record is in fact there. I have seen this before with some other labels to. For some reason, pretty randomly, one of the labels will just be skipped.

Has anyone else run into this problem? Or more importantly found a way to catch and fix it?

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Does the Bartender History (I forget the real name) mention any errors?
I have not had it skip a record in the missing of the BT file…

It all looks like it’s good. I can’t find any errors, and it shows up in every message that I can find. Plus, the rest of the print job printed out just fine. (this could be a human error too, but I have seen the system skip before which is why I’m investigating)

I even went to the printer, it had the job still in memory, I printed it off, and it printed out. This has to be a case of someone just misplacing it.

So this showed up again today, They are missing prints (8 of them they say), but all of the numbers show in my bartender. Doing some tests, it actually looks like they are missing a lot more prints, and the copier simply stopped printing. I thought I somehow lost the sheets or something, but I did it again, and same thing. Just stopped at the same spot. I’m wondering if there is a memory issue or something going on here. Looks like I might need to break them up into smaller print jobs.

Is the printer networked or being controlled via UNC and connected by USB or soemthing. Also google “bartender seagull” and you’ll be golden

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It’s a network copier.

Is it direct printed via network or bartender sending via UNC? We notice goofy communication stuff unless bartender is directly spooling to the printer.

It’s a UNC printer going to another server we use for printing and other stuff. We will install this printer directly onto the bartender server and see if that improves the issue.

Installing directly on the server should improve it for sure. We have seen issues not having the printer installed directly on the server.

Well, it didn’t seem to help, and in fact the barcodes print out fuzzy now. So that sucks. I think I’ll have to resort to splitting up the CSV into smaller chunks.

Weird, I assume you are using the same driver and driver configurations? I would think that would be a driver version causing output to be different. But I am not sure of course…

Photo Copier for a label printer

I’m gonna make it work! You watch me! lol


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@jgiese.wci Do you have suggestions on a better tool to use? SSRS doesn’t handle PDF images, so I can’t use that.

What do the labels look like?

It’s a print of a part, A, B, or D size, with some barcodes added to it. It’s on regular paper, not labels.



What version of BarTender are you using?