This is the first time I’m going to install BarTender for label printing.
Should it be installed in the AppServer or DBServer which are in 2 servers?
Can anyone provide a guide (or link) on the installation so that after installation, it will be integrated to E10.2.400, rather than remains as standalone?

Thanks in advance

There really isn’t much “integration” with ERP as far as I can tell. (Someone else may use it more effectively than I do though) Epicor just sends drop files (csv format) for bartender to pick up on a shared folder location that both systems can get to. Personally, I don’t like the way the files come from Epicor anyways, so I usually code to create my own files so I have the flexibility that I want. But I have the flexibility of an on premise installation so I have the freedom of code.

As far as where you install it, I don’t think it matters that much, but we have chosen to install it on a separate server from Epicor just because it’s a little safer.