Batch Job Qty Entry

Happy Friday Everyone,
We are investigating batching jobs. The problem I am running into is reporting complete quantities. I see on the last op that you have to go to the Job Part tab in End Operation MES to report the completed quantities but this doesn’t seem to do anything. I cannot move them into inventory because it is telling me that we haven’t completed anything. Am I missing something? I have see the other threads with people having similar questions but I couldn’t find a solution.

Hi Melissa,
Do you have Advanced Production Management licensed? Are you batching jobs that have identical operations? If you batch jobs that do not have similar operations, you could get unexpected results. Also, do you have the Auto Receive checked? When selected, this check box indicates that labor or receipt transactions against this batch operation will create automatic receipts to inventory. Normally, you will select this check box for the last operation on the assembly or the final assembly.