Batch save boms as pdfs

I’m a new epicor user with a little experience in programming. right now as we ECO BOM’S at my company standard procedure is to have doc control update the BOMs in epicor and save each one manually as a PDF and upload them to a directory that anyone in the company can access. for one BOM that’s not an issue, but when we’re dealing with 10 or 20 BOMs the task can be arduous.

is there any way to batch save the BOMs that we require as PDF’s to one folder??

What if you just run the stock BOM report (indented) and save it as a PDF?

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Thanks Gil!

We only want a single level BOM with 1 PDF for each one. The way our manual system is set up requires it.


That will make a single PDF.

If you need individual PDF’s you’ll need to use Advance Printing with Break Routing, and Break on the parent part number. With Adv Break Routing, you could set the name of the PDF too.

Thanks Calvin!

Im trying to run the report now and nothing is popping up. am I doing something wrong? I’ve got Epicor 9, we’re in the process of upgrading to 10.

It doesn’t give me the option to export to PDF: Here is what My screen is showing:

Sorry, Didn’t see that you were on E9.

I assume your workstation has a “PDF printer”, You can print it to that “printer”.

And without the Adv Breaking Routing, it’s going to make that as a single PDF document that you’d then heve to separate into individual Docs (if you need it in 1 PDF per Assy)

That’s what I’m planning on doing, but it’s not allowing me to run the report

It just says “report submitted for previewing” are all my inputs okay?

I see -


You sure its just not finished running yet?


Open the System Monitor and look on the History Tab.

Did you select specific BOMs on the Filter tab?


If not, then the report will have every single BOM in your system. And I’s probably still running.

epicore isn’t using any processing power on my computer as of this moment

The System Monitor for Epicor. Is there and Epicor icon in the system tray down by the clock?



Double click it and you’ll see the System Monitor.


See if the report is listed on the Active Tasks tab


You’re an Epicor guru! Appreciate all the help. I finally got it working, you were right. I wasn’t selecting the revisions for the parts I entered in. this is perfect and it helps me a lot!! thanks!