Best method to add custom unbound key field

I’m working on an customization that requires the use of Key fields (in this case PerConID).
I was anticipating creating custom dataviews and binding the fields to the dataviews, but is there a better way to do this?
Below is my wireframe, if that helps to illustrate the requirement. Thanks


That’s generally what I do, create a DataTable, DataView, EpiDataView and set whatever field as “keyfield” then use the validating event to execute your search

Any chance the edv can be added to the transaction object at a non load event? Im guessing no but it would make it easier in this case

Not sure I follow.

what I’m doing is calling a search and setting a data view from the data returned by the search return. If i create a standard epidataview, it will need to have the columns defined during the load event (I think) and I’m trying to not define the entire data view before the search is executed. The right way to do this is probably with a baq but I’m attempting to use a native search just for less parts to manage (quick search/baq etc)

ah! hmm you could execute a “fake” search when the screen loads (with no results) the schema of the data table would still be there though and then you can create your dataview. There’s a param you can pass to the search to not bring up an actual search box.

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That’s an idea. I’ll give it a shot. Part of me wanted to do this customization using the rest api (since I had good results doing it that way outside epicor) but not sure that’s kosher for an internal application, hence my use of adapters and searches

Yeha you’d be adding quite a bit of overhead plus you’d need to deploy some extra client libraries. Not sure its worth the hassle.