Best practice for verifying WIP quantities during Physical Inven

First off, when you say WIP, do you mean material that has been issued to manufacturing, or material that is still in considered as "in stock" but is out on the factory floor?

Because once material is issued to a job, the QOH is decremented.  If you count that during Physical Inventory, you'll be adding it back to the QOH AND increase the value of you inventory GL Acct. Then the QOH, Inventory GL and WIP GL, would all be off after the job ships.

If you're trying to reconcile the value of the WIP GL acct, Then run the WIP Inventory Recon report, and cross off jobs that have been shipped,  The remainder should be material that is in WIP.

Would love to know what everyone does during their physical inventory to verify WIP tags that are counted.  I’ve been tasked to create a report that can compare “quantities” of what we find in WIP areas during Physical Inventory (which is keyed into a spreadsheet, as Job, Part, ASM, OP, Qty) with what “should” be there based on what Vantage Job detail should show.   Has anyone automated anything like this and if so, could you share what you did? 


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I have a dashboard for each of our 4 departments. Each dashboard displays jobs not closed for the department's planner. Jobs are displayed in part number (subassembly part number), job number, assembly sequence and operation sequence order. This dashboard was copied and pasted into an Excel spreadsheet which was then printed and used as a check off sheet for WIP during physical inventory. It was then sorted into job number order and checked off against the Work in Process report (also in job number order). This also helped us find some jobs that slipped thru being completed and closed. The BAQ calculates the complete quantity (JobOper.QtyCompleted / JobOper.QtyPer) and the WIP quantity (calculated complete quantity - JobProd.ReceivedQty - JobProd.ShippedQty). Someone needs to "read" the data. A 3 op job may show the following: op 1-238 complete, 40 received for 198 in WIP, op 2-237 complete, 40 received for 197 in WIP; op 3 (final op)-40 complete, 40 received for 0 in WIP. We should find 197 of the part completed thru op 2 and 1 completed thru op 1 (the other 197 had been completed thru op 2). If ops 1 and 2 had equal calculated WIP quantities we would only look for the item completed thru op 2. When balancing WIP we would delete any jobs with all 0 quantities (they haven't started yet). The explanation is kind of confusing, but makes more sense when you look at the data (wish we could do screenshots!). Also, I haven't reworked the BAQ or dashboard since I wrote it with only 6 months of Vantage experience and did not rewrite it when moving to E9. It most likely could be improved upon, but it's worked for us.