Best Practice ShipVia

I have been asked to make sure that the SCAC in ShipVia doesn’t have any duplicates. What would be the bet practice for doing this? BPM or some other method I do not know about?

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@Will79 SCAC goes to the Carrier not the method, so there would and should be a lot of duplicates.

We use a shipping software outside if Epicor and it wants a 1 to 1 fir whatever reason. So I need this to have no duplicates. How would you make this happen?

make a baq add ship table, via add fields to display fields of ship via code and scac code add something numeric like sysRevID that you can do a count on.

test the baq to get all records. right click show summaries, right click show group by
Set count with the sigma on your numeric field. Drag SCAC column header up to group and look for any not 1

I was looking for a more automatic error message so it just doesn’t happen. Can a BPM do this?

@Will79 You can do most anything with a bpm so it is definitely possible to check preprocessing on update if a SCAC already existed and throw an error, but shipvias are limited, so I would probably just use menu security to not allow access to anyone that would make a problem.