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Statement of Direction on Report Builder which I received from Progress.
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Statement of Direction


Progress Business Intelligence Statement of Direction

Our Business Intelligence and Reporting goal is to enable our ISVs and
end-users to turn enterprise data into actionable information. To achieve
that goal, our strategy is to work with our application partners to provide
best-in-class solutions that are quickest to implement, have lowest cost of
ownership, and highest reliability.

Business Intelligence has two functional segments: Operational Reporting and
Data Analysis. Operational Reporting includes reports that are required to
run regularly in order to monitor company operations. These types of reports
reveal what is happening and are traditionally run against a company's
production database. Data Analysis is a more dynamic and proactive search
for patterns, statistical trends, and correlations in large amounts of data.
Data Analysis provides insight to why the operational indicators are what
they are. In turn, strategic business decisions can be based on previously
hidden data.

Progress has entered into strategic relationships with best-of-breed
Business Intelligence vendors that fit both functional segments.

Operational Reporting


Crystal Reports


Crystal Enterprise




Within the OpenEdge suite, Progress provides basic, extensible, reporting
capabilities "in the box" and partners with industry leaders to provide
additional Business Intelligence add-on options. Through these
partnerships, ISVs and end-users have access to a variety of reporting tools
from which to build horizontal applications and custom solutions for
vertical markets.

Business Intelligence Directions


The resale agreement between Progress and Actuate will end in May of 2003,
and Progress does not plan to renew this agreement.

Progress will communicate options for continuing support and maintenance
services to customers using Actuate as they become available.


CorVu, a global supplier of BI, Balanced Scorecard, and Key Performance
Indicator applications, works closely with Progress to supply comprehensive
information analysis and performance management solutions to our customers.
As a premier distributor for CorVu, Progress will continue to provide tight
integration with the most recent product releases and functionality from

Crystal Decisions

Progress is pleased to bring the scalability and rich feature-set of Crystal
Reports and Crystal Enterprise to it's portfolio of solutions. The Crystal
Decisions product suite forms a high productivity reporting environment for
rapidly transforming Progress data into interactive content. These
reporting capabilities are an excellent match with the needs of Progress
ISVs and end-user customers.

Report Builder

The Report Builder Development environment will not be included in the next
major version of Progress after the last release of V9.1x. However, the
Report Builder Deployment engine (runtime) will continue to be available in
future versions of Progress, on 32-bit platforms only. Support for Report
Builder will be based on the standard product support policies outlined in
the Progress Product Life Cycle Update (available on the Progress website).

The next major version of Progress will include a replacement for the Report
Builder Development environment, providing development capabilities with
similar functionality. More details will be communicated as part of the
next major release of Progress.

Query / Results

The Query / Results products are an older Progress technology providing
basic query and reporting functions for the Progress environment. No
changes or new development are planned for the Query / Results components.

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