Bills of Material Download

Hi All,

I need to download bills of Material for the part ( Multilevel… i guess more then 5 level).

How and where download so that it will give me level detail as well? I guess EPICOR does not have excel download facility unless programmed?


Hi Vipul,
In terms of within the application, you can use the BoM Listing Report, select indented level. Then change the “Output Format” to be Excel.
Not sure how good it’ll be, typically a lot of people make a business activity query for this. You can then export the query and use excel filters. There is instruction on how to make a query for this within either the Application User Guide or ICE Tools guide (can’t remember which one, but it is one if I recall correctly).

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Connor is correct, it’s in the ICE Tools User Guide.

Look for the “Common Table Expression Query” example. (Page 363 in version 102600 of the manual)

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Thanks Connor ,

I will try.