Bin Description instead of Bin #

You are and i agree with you on the barcodes.  The barcodes are described with the easier way to read the bin.   Well i was hoping I could change the bin tracker to help in this situation.
Hey guys,

Version 9.05.702

We are moving to a new warehouse and they have different Bin locations that I am currently creating in Epicor.  The Bin # is like L68910101.  As you can see it is a little hard to read in that manor.  I made the description as 6891-0101 and was hoping to have that show on the Bin tracker.  When I was trying to customize Bin Tracker, I can't seem to change the BinNum field to show BinDesc instead of the BinNum.  Any suggestions on how to change that field in tracker?

I'm assuming you're using the handheld menu? I don't think it's possible to use the stock bin tracker and modify it to lookup by description.  It's going to want to use the BinNum since that is unique and description is not.  Are these bins barcoded?  If they are then if you are looking for what is in the bin it doesn't matter what the description is.  I guess I'm just not understanding the point of this.