Bin search broken?

This started happening recently, some of our users noticed that when performing a job receipt to inventory, when they search up bin XYZ, the normal bin search brings up a totally differently named bin. The wanted bin is not marked inactive and shows up on the list when returning all rows, but the actual act of search the named bin doesn’t seem to be working now.

Can anyone provide insight on why this is happening?

Some Bin Search dialogs have an option that includes searching Bins without a QOH in them. I think it shows as “Include all bins”

Another thing to check would be if the search form is looking for the Bin ID or the Bin Description. The ID may be something like A-101, while the description is A101.

That worked, it showed up when “include all bins” is unchecked, is this the default behavior?

Most of the time you only want to select a bin that already has a qty in it (in other words, currently in use). So it defaults to only showing bins that are currently in use.

Some background info might help you understand this logic better. PartBin records hold the QOH of a part in a specific bin. When the QOH becomes zero, the record is deleted. So only bins with a QOH (including negative qty’s) actually have a PartBin record.

I see, thanks for the insight!