Binding a grid to a view with Boolean values displays wrong values

I am binding a grid to a dataview/dataset loaded from a function call. The column I have set to be Boolean doesn’t display the values correctly. They all show to default to true even though I have one is set to false. In the function I am using the standard c# Boolean syntax of lower case. When its loaded into the dataview it is transformed into pascal case(true to True & false to False). I suspect this is my issue because if I add a row using a widget it works. Has anyone experienced this and have a work around?


Widget event to add a row

Dataview contents

Dataview contents after row added

Function with Dataset

try {
  DataTable dt = new DataTable("Payload");
  dt.Rows.Add("TestName1", "TestDisp1","TestTime1",true);
  dt.Rows.Add("TestName2", "TestDisp2","TestTime2",false);
  DataSet ds = new DataSet("ds");
  this.returnObj = ds;  
} catch (Exception ex) {
  error = ex.Message;

The “” around the “True” and “False” would always be <> 0 or boolean false and the conversion for you try the dataset without the “” around the true/false.

How would I go about that? I am using the “Response Parameters” from a rest-erp call to fill the dataview.

I also looked in app studio to see how they handle grid views with check boxes. It looks like it knows by the data type as to when to display the column as a check box. In order to show the check box I had to select Boolean in the “Erp Editor” combo box but the example below they did not.


My attempt