Blank AP cheque stock or custom BAQ reports using Crystal in E10

I’m trying to get a 3rd party application to print our AP cheques on blank stocks. The application that I’ve used in the past is called PrintBoss. However, when I try to use it with our current AP cheque report (SSRS) it’s all being sent over to PrintBoss as a graphic instead of text.

My options are to rebuild the AP Cheque form using Crystal in E10 or find another 3rd party application that works with blank cheque stock.

Any suggestions?


I would suggest modifying the standard SSRS Check to include the MICR.

The problem with that is that we have about 10 different banks with different addresses & bank account information.

Also, is there a specific font for the MICR?

All of that information is stored in the Bank Account setup so it can be pulled into the RDD/SSRS and print dynamically.

I’ve had success with this font.

If you are using MICR printers with security/dongles(Troy) then you may need to use their fonts instead. That also applys for signatures done by the printer.