Blank Pages in BAQ Report

Good afternoon,
I have a custom production report that has been used in the past on a weekly basis without any issues. Today when we run the report, it gives us a 21 page report as expected. But from page 7-21 the only thing on the page is the header and footer. I can see in my BAQ that here are records to display, and the length of the output report suggest the correct size, but the data is just missing.

I don’t have any criteria to hide the rows in question. I am curious if anyone else has diagnosed blank pages in an otherwise correct report. I am not sure where to look for this one. We haven’t changed the report or the BAQ recently.

Check your margins and field shrink and grow settings. Are any of the fields large like Part Description? Someone might have hit a bunch of carriage returns in a description by accident.


I have a mix of can and can’t grow/shrink settings. I am trying to verify if that carriage return issue is present in the BAQ data. Since I can actually see the data in the BAQ I am hoping I can see something in there. So far I don’t see anything.

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I set all my can grow/shrink to false, and the report came out just fine! I would really like to track down the issue, but working is working!
Thanks John!