Blank UD Form Input values

I’m trying to use a blank UD form to have the user input an order num, line, and release so I can pass those values to BAQ parameters. I can get the BAQ to run and do what I want when I hard code those values in. What is the best way for a user input what order num, line, release they want without adding a row to the UD table. I was trying to get crafty with using a simple search adapter but ran into issues trying to retrieve that returned value in the customization

I’d think just running the BAQ with some Defined Parameters (which get prompted for when the BAQ is executed OR creating a dashboard around the BAQ would be easier than just a blank screen for prompts. Although, if you are passing them to a BAQ Report (and sending it to SSRS) you might need prompts to be saved temporarily.

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I ended up being able to pass the simple search adapter results as parameters to the baq and tied the baq results to a grid for viewing purposes. Thank you for the reply. A dashboard probably would’ve been easier!