Blanket Sales orders

We have the same situation. One suggestion would be to filter releases that are
not firm from your order backlog.

Mike Lowe
Corporate I.S. Manager
Connor Manufacturing Services de Mexico

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Subject: [Vantage] Blanket Sales orders
Author: <>
Date: 2/13/03 9:45 AM

What is the best way to handle blanket sales orders? Those that come in
with firm release dates are entered with multiple lines by date. Some
blankets are annual commitments where the release is called in as needed.
We enter a year end due date in this case and add releases as they are
called in.

Is there a better way? We look at order backlogs, projected cash, sales
against plan as management tools. If we are not careful our numbers are
artificially distorted by the blanket orders.

Mitchell Kirby
V. P. Manufacturing
Riten Industries, Inc.

740-333-8719 Direct
800-338-0027 Sales
800-338-0717 FAX

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