BO connection Qustion: Vantage server refuse the connection


I have a program which uses the bussion object to connect to the Vantage server, we are constantly getting this following error message. But after a while, we can log back in again, i.e. the login id and password are right, but Vantage is refusing the connection.

Do anybody know why Vantage is refusing the connection? Is it the license issue?

Exception depth '0', Exception Type 'System.UnauthorizedAccessException', Message: 'Invalid user ID or password.'
Exception depth '1', Exception Type 'Progress.Open4GL.Exceptions.ConnectFailedException', Message: 'Request failure: Server refused connection (7251) '



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From: Mark Wonsil <mark_wonsil@...>
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 10:16:40 AM
Subject: RE: [Vantage] Custom VB module launched from within Vantage.

> What I am trying to accomplish:
> 1) Assign custom formatted "Part" number.
> 2) Custom module can be launched from various areas of the system -
> Quote or Part modules as an example.
> 3) Based on the users selection of the required part TYPE, chosen from
> a combo box, part number will be formatted with a prefix and next
> incremental number for that particular TYPE.
> 4) Error checking within the custom module will verify that a valid
> Vantage UI object is available for updating (pre Vantage validation).
> Part number field on Part screen or Part number field on Quote
> screen, etc.

Do you have the Product Configurator?

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