BO.User File Blank Title 53421

Any ideas on this one?

We're on working on implementation of Vantage 8.03. We sent our Customer Master data, along with a backup of our Test database to Epicor for conversion. Upon receiving the updated database, and restoring it onto our server, we receive the error "Access Denied (BO.User file)! Sometimes, I simply get, "Invalid User or Password. I spent an hour on the phone (via Webex) with an Epicor Tech Support, who did everything I did previously to find or correct the problem, with no luck.

Yesterday, I attempted to restore the database back to it's original state, prior to the conversion. Same error! Then, I backed up our "Pilot" database (which has not been affected by this error) and restored it to the Test database... error again! Both our Test and the original Training that the Epicor Tech used for trial and error give me the same error, which obviously lock us out.

Anyone have an idea on this one? I'm stuck!

Holly Reed
Nook Industries
Cleveland, OH

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