BO vs REST issue Part.Update CallContextClient is NULL


We are in the process of upgrading all our applications that interface with Epicor from BO calls to REST calls and I running into issue with the part.Update call. We have a bpm the checks the callContextClient.CustomizationID field. When we do the BO.Part.Update it works as expected, but when I do the same call with the PartSvc\Update I’m getting a null reference exception in the bpm. So, it appears the callContext is null from the REST call but not from the BO call. I’m hoping this is resolved in the future version, but I’m a little concerned that as be move more code from our customization’s to bpm’s we could be braking our REST calls without any way of knowing.

Any information or insights would be helpful.

You can pass in the callcontext in your rest call as a header

Where do I find the attributes of the callContextClient?

Within the request to Erp.Part.UpdateExt BO Method, there is a callContextIn > Client > and a list of all of the props associated