BOL Pack/MP Selection Search - need help

In BOL, Actions>Generate brings up a search window. The Search filter we want to use is Customer, but it is greyed out.

Epicor support says this is fixed in 10.1.600, but it is costly for us to upgrade. We have a workaround:
Change the Type Filter to Miscellaneous
Search or enter Customer Number
Before you hit Search, change the Type Filter back to Customer. Then hit Search and select the Packslip

Does anyone have another solution, or a Quick Search for this issue? We would be willing to contract with someone to have this done.
Thanks much…

Is there not already a zCustShipLine quick search or is this not quite what you are looking for?

Hi Dan, I am working with Michell on this issue.
I will be honest, I didn’t look on the Quick Searches and was unaware of the one you suggested.
I just took a look at it and it does work but is quite a few more clicks than it would be if the normal search worked. We are trying to speed up and simplify the process.
Is there a way to make that Quick Search be the default that would show up in the normal search window under Actions/Generate and make the date default to today’s date?

Jackie Harner

If you want this to be the default search but only for a few users, setup a Named Search as that persons default search on that screen. This takes a quick search and prepopulates it. It is a personalization so you would need to do this per user.

Brad Boes

That works so much better than what we were doing. Thank you so much.
Maybe I will give this work around to support for other clients who may have the same issue. This was never mentioned to me when I placed the call.