BOM cost and standard cost do not match

I am having issues with costing of one particular part. The BOM cost does not match the standard cost for one part only. It is not capturing one of the purchased parts in the BOM. I tried doing roll-up with every option available but that did not help either.

Any help is appreciated.

A couple of things to check for the material are:
Is there a quantity in the Qty/Parent field in the method
Is there a cost in the costing method for the material (check Part Tracker Costs tab)

Yes, both those information are there.

Check the component part’s rev to see if it has a BOM or Routing without hrs and also what the component part’s part type is in the plant tab (purchase, mfg, etc).
If the component purchase part have a method and you have not specified to “skip purchase revision rollups”, then it will rollup the purchase part as a mfg part if the component purchase part has a method (routing & BOM).

Thank you for your answer.
I looked into this deeper and seems like Purchased parts are not rolling up. I dont work with Methods a lot so I am not sure what the difference is between the ones that do rollup and that isn’t rolling up, I didn’t see any red flags. They do not have approved BOM’s. I am not sure how this plays out.

We have a lot of parts that are both manufactured and Purchased i.e. Purchased parts have BOM’s. These parts are manufactured in-house or purchased if we are out of capacity. Where is the skip purchase revision rollup option?

I hope this gives a better context.

Additional Information:
We do standard costing. So for purchased parts which we do manufacture sometime, I would like the Purchased Parts Cost in there. We currently manually set the standard for Purchased Parts.

For Cost Roll, we only do it for Manufactured Parts.

if I remember correctly, to get the purchase parts to roll-up from lower level components, you need to set the “Primary Alternate Method” on the part/site record. This will make the costing program examine the alternate method for cost, even if the part is marked as purchased… (NOTE this was a long time ago I did this).

If i understand it correctly, you manually load the std cost for the purchase parts and don’t want them to rollup as mfg part (because they have BOMs) when you roll top level manufacturing parts, correct?

We are on standard costing also. Our cost roll process is:

  • Get the latest cost for the last PO that was received or still open, compare that to the PO invoice cost if received and then load that cost as the purchase cost.

  • We do NOT want the component purchase costs rolling up as mfg part if they have a method, so Go into Inventory Management > Setup > Site Cost Maintenaince and check “Skip Revision Cost Rollup”

  • Now you could go into costing workbench and roll the top level parts. any component purchase parts with a method, the system will skip rollup and use the purchase cost that was loaded earlier, when rolling up the top level part.

Thank you for the response, I will give that a try and post my result.