BOM listing dashboard

If you have MOMs built for your parts you could pull up a part in part display or part maintenece and right click on the part rev then select open with method tracker which I think will give all of the info that you're after.

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Does anyone have a dashboard similair to the BOM listing report in vantage? I'm not asking for a perfect solution, just any hints etc would be good. I need to develop a dashboard whereby a user can enter a sales order number or even a part number and all mtl parts, assemblies and levels are all listed. I've started out with a couple of queries using the part and part mtl tables, then created a dashboard with different tabs on, each tab being a different level - up to 4 is enought. However, I enter a part and it seems to be pulling every single part number though, linked or not. I have set the filters to equal the mtl part number, but there must be something I am missing....



Vantage 8.03.406 \ Progress