BOM Overwrite via DMT

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Hello everyone,

I promise tried looking for the answer before posting but couldn’t find a solution.

So, when we update BOM via DMT, it goes through material sequence numbers and update each part right? We currently use an external configurator we developed and I’ve setup 6 export files from that configurator and I use those to update;

  1. Part
  2. Price List Part
  3. Part Plant
  4. Part Revision
  5. Bill of Operations
  6. Bill of Materials
  7. Cost Adjustment(I do this only if there is a new raw material)

I got a problem with the Bill of Materials that I need to solve. Everything is great if we are changing or adding parts to the BOM however, if we end up having less quantity of parts in the BOM, then when I upload via DMT, only the Material Sequences remaining get updated. So either I end up keeping the parts I was trying to delete or have duplicate parts in BOM.

If I was vague, here is an explanation;
Initial BOM;
Product — 10 — Power Supply
Product — 20 — Screw#1
Product — 30 — Screw#2
Product — 40 — Enclosure

Let’s say this is edited to:
Product — 10 — Power Supply
Product — 20 — Enclosure

When I update with DMT I expect to have the above BOM but I naturally end up having:
Product — 10 — Power Supply
Product — 20 — Enclosure
Product — 30 — Screw#2
Product — 40 — Enclosure

The solutions I could come up with are:

  1. Export all BOMs using DMT and Delete all BOM then upload the updated one: Of course this is very inefficient since it takes around 2 hours for each upload.
  2. Apply Solution #1 once, then setup external configurator to not delete any parts but change deleted part quantity to 0 in BOM export: I like this option but my boss doesn’t want to mess up his precious configurator.
  3. If a part is deleted from BOM in external configurator, delete it also in Engineering workbench: This would be very hard to do since people don’t like learning new things nor doing things twice.

I was wondering if anybody else a different method.

I’ve read somewhere that deleting a revision would delete the BOM, is that correct? If it is then, I can just delete all the revisions before uploading which would be way faster than deleting BOMs.

Is there a different way of using DMT which would delete the Material sequences not referenced in a file?

I apologize for the long post. I wish everybody a good evening!


Deleting the revision deletes the entire method (BOO and BOM). That’s your safest and, likely, fastest approach.

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Thank you very much. It seems like it is the easiest way to work with our constant BOM updates.